• Cosmetic Distribution Business

    To enlarge business area in Cosmetic Distribution in China & South East Asia, Partnering with Aonecos Ltd (US$ 30mil sales revenue in 2016) with Equity participation

    Skin Care, Beauty Facial Mask, Make-up Products

    • Skin Care
      [Skin Care]
    • Beauty Facial Mask
      [Beauty Facial Mask]
    • Make-up
  • Sole Distributor of BlueDesign Mic in Korea

    High-end quality BlueMic

    From Armature to Professional! Experience the quality with new Micro Phone

    • BlueDesign Mic1
    • BlueDesign Mic2
    • BlueDesign Mic3
    • BlueDesign Mic4
  • Laos Lottery Business

    Launching 200 billion won for Laos lottery business with proven lottery platform solution (subsidiary FortiWagering – Laos local Vientiane lottery company) Planning to expand the business into Myanmar / Cambodia.