As the largest traditional casual brand in Korea, Beanpole Ladies suggests a dynamic, sophisticated lifestyle, which is inspired by the classic British look, for women in their 20s and 30s.


    M.R.K.T. is a Los Angeles-based accessories label established in 2010 by Harvard-trained architect, Tom Pen. M.R.K.T. is inspired by elements of architecture and minimalistic design, namely “concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry.” As a result, the products place an emphasis on combining traditional silhouettes with cutting-edge materials. With this particular line, the items are made from laser-cut 100% recyclable felt, micro suede, vegan leather, and 100% certified biodegradable TPU. With such time-tested designs combined with eye-catching colors and smart materials, these bags are sure to be attractive yet durable and environmentally-friendly.

  • SEES Global

    The brand name “LUDIS” was taken from Latin word “ludis”, which means game and sports. The dictionary meaning means a mischievous trickster. The message that we are trying to convey thru LUDIS is that we want to approach our customers as a bright, exciting sports brand leader, making a big step in great spirit. Being true to the catchphrase, we wish to grow LUDIS as one of the top sports brands, which can naturally come to your mind for every sports occasion. In order to make that happen, each and every opinion of our customers will be highly valued and respected.

  • CR7

    CR7 was established in 2013 by Cristiano Ronaldo with his initials C and R, and the number with 1,700 retail points and sales across 44 countries.
    New York-based designer Richard Chai has played an important part creating the designs and styles in close collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Richard Chai is known for his work with several international fashion brands such as Armani Exchange, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs


    Originally established as a design firm in 1978. Japanese company Super Planning has become famous for its unique version of the tote bag. Its signature “ROOTOTE” bags have various shapes and sizes, and each sturdy ROOTOTE has a handy and spacious zipped “ROO POCKET” (it takes name from a kangaroo’s pouch) on one side for keeping wallets and keys secure. Some of the models have three more functional pockets inside for mobile phones and pens.

  • mis zapatos

    Mis Zapatos is a popular Japanese brand in Japan. The name Mis Zapatos comes from the Spanish word "Mi Zapato" which means "My Shoe". Mis Zapatos is owned and produced by Turn-over Japan. Focusing on ladies, the shoe-designed trademark which is uniquely tailored by Mis Zapatos is to instill excitement in consumers when going out wearing their favorite shoes paired along with a shoe-designed bag. Apart from the unique designs, Mis Zapatos is also suitable for all ages. It is a must have item for fashion lovers especially fans of Japanese products.


    SHOOPEN is Asia’s first shoe SPA, boasting 2,000 types of shoes in 18 different categories.
    You can buy shoes for each member of your family for the price of a single pair.