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포티스 토탈솔루션 - 브랜드 가치창출 - 다양한 채널확보 - E-Commerse 포티스 토탈솔루션 - 브랜드 가치창출 - 다양한 채널확보 - E-Commerse
  1. 1) Fortis has maintained steady growth since its foundation in 2006, particularly E-commerce industry in Fashion field by providing the total services such as Partners/ Brand sales, Brand/ Product management, C/S, etc. Fortis focus on concentrating all its capabilities and competitiveness to develop Partners’ brand value.
  2. 2) Based on these competencies, we are securing the supply channels of major home shopping, major online shopping malls, department stores, open markets and welfare malls, as well as leading large corporations and overseas brand customers.

Fortis dreams for tomorrow

Pride, Growth, Sharing

  1. 1) The first step to the World for its Silk Road of E-Commerce
    • Preparing a bridgehead for shopping channels in Southeast Asia and E-Commerce market in China based on our know-how from Korean market.
    • Preparing to move forward to cosmetic industry beyond the fashion.
    • Preparing to launch the service with world class IT products.
  2. 2) Developing the new business fields through overseas lottery business, Virtual Money, blockchain security technology based on 4th industrial revolution with enhancing the existing business
  3. 3) With the vision of pride, growth and sharing, Fortis will create customer satisfaction with the best services and satisfactory results to shareholders. We will create a spirit of sharing and distribution and become a global company.

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About Fortis

Korea’s Number 1 in On-line based sales company

대한민국 No.1 온라인 판매 전문 운영사 대한민국 No.1 온라인 판매 전문 운영사

Expansion into new business

  • 1

    Entering Global
    E-commerce business

  • 2

    Entering into new business in
    Block-china, Bitcoin etc

  • 3

    E-commerce Business in
    Beauty & IT

  • 4

    Overseas Lottery business
    In Laos